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#The3Llife: A Few Tips for the
Next Crop of Bar Takers…
GUEST BLOG by Shaun Sanders,
3L at Chapman University’s
Dale E. Fowler School of Law

I recently registered for the bar
and have learned a few things worth
passing on to the next crop of 3L’s.

First, the bar assigns seats sequentially
based on when you sign up.
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#The2Llife: Should I Join a Journal?
GUEST BLOG by Harrison Thorne,
2L at UCLA School of Law

During 1L, I was not sure whether I wanted to join a journal.

I had heard that the only thing staff members
do is citations.
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#The1Llife: Ready, Set, Compete!
GUEST BLOG by Lauren Rose,
1L at the University of Detroit Mercy

People at law school are
super competitive.

Maybe it is in the water or whatever, but
it seems that everyone is out for himself.
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