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GUEST BLOG By Harrison Thorne,
2L at UCLA School of Law

On Campus Interview (“OCI”) week is unlike anything I have ever done.

It starts with a long bidding process, where you pick which firms you want to apply to based on where you want to work and their threshold requirements. Once you bid, the school’s system spits out an interview schedule. I received 13 interviews. Over three days.

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Waiting For Your Bar Exam Results
by Mike Sims,
BARBRI President

Second Guessing Yourself?

With the bar exam behind us, barpreppers across the country are discovering that while it was unpleasant to study for the bar, and exhausting to take the bar, now the truly difficult part has begun – waiting for results from the bar.

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#barpreplife: Let the #barexam begin
GUEST BLOG by Lauren Thedford,
SMU Law School graduate
and BARBRI bar review student

1 Day Left

I’m headed to my hotel this afternoon to get settled in. I’ve found a gym nearby so I can afford myself some stress relief if I have time. Mom set me up with an amazing goodie bag of treats and highlighters, AND she gave me a note for every day of the bar exam. I’m ready to go!

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