Practice for Performance

GUEST BLOG Courtney Boykin, 2L at the University of Memphis Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law

              I’ll be honest. Exam time is a doozy (I mean…obviously, right?).

Well, guys…we (at least almost) made it through an entire semester.

I don’t know what it is about this semester of law school, but I’m having a much better “exam” period. It’s almost as if I’m finding my stride and I’m finally moving at my own pace.

I’ll be honest. Exam time is a doozy (I mean…obviously, right?). This exam period I went in with a completely different mindset.

A few weeks ago I read a tweet that said, “Practice for performance” and that’s exactly what I’m doing. See, usually, I just binge study all of the doctrines and substantive material. It’s different now.

I’ve approached each exam strategically.

For my Food & Drug Law exam, the law school professor instructed us that the gist of the exam would be centered upon how to get any given product to market. In addition to tabbing my notes, my book, and my supplement, I created a table that addressed each product and the factors (and sub-factors) that comprised the specific components. It was a life-saver. I walked away feeling great. (Hopefully, my grade will feel the same).

For my Con Law exam, I did the same thing, but in an essay format. My professor gave us about 3 old exams with the answers. So, I studied the exams. I studied the nuances of his questions and the peculiarities of his answers. I compiled all those answers into a generic essay format where I could just plug in the information. This proved to be a timesaver during my exam because I didn’t have to worry about how I would word my answer. Instead, I spent more time on issue-spotting.

I still have about 3 other exams to complete. Fortunately, these are (presumably) the easier exams.

I’ve had a great semester, but y’all….

I’m really ready for Christmas break. *face palm*