Keep It Light

GUEST BLOG by Jackson Long, 1L at SMU Dedman School of Law

Don’t forget that you’re a human, not a computer.

I know, I know…

I’ve constantly harped on the importance of this first semester. Don’t go out! Buckle down! Only three more months!

But there’s an important balance to be had – fortunately its one that comes pretty natural to me. It’s important for your physical, mental and academic health.

Keep it light.

If your torts professor drops that story in about the time he hit a pedestrian with his car, it’s okay to look up from your laptop and laugh. When he tells you that he baked a cake, put a candle on it and celebrated after the three year Statute of Limitations expired for it, you better laugh.

So much time is spent acquiring, organizing and formatting information that you received on a daily basis. Don’t forget that you’re a human, not a computer.

It’s important for your physical health to mitigate stress levels. There are some truly scary statistics about the adverse impacts that stress can have on your body. Finding any way to reduce anxiety is a great start.

Your body also affects your mind. Being able to share a smile is physically and mentally good for you. Fake it until you make it. And then repeat.

You’re also doing yourself a favor academically. It’s so easy to get burnt out by the time you really need to get gearing up. By avoiding these pressures, you’ll be fresh when you need to be, towards the end of the year.

I’ll be perfectly honest, I hate scary movies. Yeah, I’m definitely scared of them. But I also refuse to watch them for what it could put in my mind. The same is true for the opposite choice. Give me one good reason not to watch The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon before going to bed. You WILL laugh. I guarantee it. And you’re mind will relax.

Take care of yourself. And one of the best ways to do it is to control the stimulus around you. Make a little bit of me time and it will help your school time, too.

Keep it light.