Computer Troubles

GUEST BLOG by Jackson Long, 1L at SMU Dedman School of Law

Moral of the story, regularly (at the minimum weekly) back up the files on your laptop

Back up your computer. Right now. No, seriously – RIGHT NOW.

I’m sure it’s similar for you, we have one major paper for the entirety of our legal writing grade this spring semester. I’ll set the scene:

It’s Friday at 5:00 p.m., and we turn in this final paper at 8:30 a.m. the following Monday. So we are clearly approaching crunch time. I flip open my laptop and hear the most atrocious sound. It deserves no description in the english language. Then I get a flashing folder on the screen with a question mark inside.

Hard drive has officially crashed.

Gone was a major portion of my final grade in legal writing. Gone were three semesters of notes.

I had completed a healthy 10 pages of our 25 page assignment, and all of it was on my laptop. Doomed I thought. Especially after previously writing to you about wanting to fix my writing grade.

Here I am, weighing all my options. I frantically called my cousins that lived near by trying to see if I could borrow their laptop for the weekend. Success. Seriously the most relieved feeling. I scramble in the last two days to turn in what is hopefully a reasonable paper.

Moral of the story, regularly (at the minimum weekly) back up the files on your laptop. I’ve bought an external hard drive for this. You can get whatever size for whatever files for pretty reasonable prices.

All of which are much more than paying the price of not having any of your notes. Especially in your 1L year.

P.S. Paid $140 for a professional data recovery service. Got all my files back after a week. Crisis averted. Stress levels = Inverted.