Bar Exam Information Overload

GUEST BLOG Katie R. Day,
Quinnipiac University School of Law Graduate

bar exam

               Preparing for the bar exam is a long process and you won’t feel ready overnight.

We’re a little over a week into bar prep, and we’ve covered a ton of material already.

As I sat down the other day to make my flashcards and review my notes, I couldn’t help but feel a little overwhelmed by everything I had been taught and by everything that’s coming in the next few weeks. 

There’s a lot to learn before the bar exam and I was getting frustrated that I wasn’t instantly getting it all down. I memorized this once already, so why is it so hard to memorize it again?

When I met up with a friend who took the bar exam a few years ago, I mentioned my frustrations with bar prep and asked for his advice. What he said was so helpful for me, that I want to share it with those of you who are having the same experience. 

He said: “Of course you don’t know the info yet, its only been a week! The bar exam is a marathon, not a sprint.”

He’s right. Preparing for the bar exam is a long process and you won’t feel ready overnight. It’s okay to forget an element of an intentional tort or get confused by the rule against perpetuities or restrictive covenants. When you study, do your best to absorb as much as possible, but also cut yourself some slack. 

It won’t happen instantly, but with consistent, focused studying you’ll make it to the finish line!