#The1Llife: I’ve Made It!

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GUEST BLOG by Jackson Long,
1L at SMU Dedman School of Law

Congrats! You just finished the most difficult semester of law school!

Seriously, it’s such a cool accomplishment and you should be very proud of the work you’ve done.

It all started back in August, beginning your first class and anxiously anticipating what the semester had in store. You’ve come so far from that moment, piecing together ever ounce of information. Remember when you started your first outline? Seemed like an impossible task at the time – now look at all the materials you had prepared for finals week. Since Thanksgiving, and maybe earlier, you’ve been a machine. You’ve had to put some priorities on the back burner to give the homestretch your full an undivided attention. (Side note: GO BACK TO THOSE THINGS NOW!)

The exam period was the final step.

HouseOfCardsTwo weeks of maintaining a grueling schedule while balancing sleep, multiple subjects and all the other pressures put upon law students. Your reward: waiting for a month to figure out what it all means.
But this is a celebratory post! So it should be about Netflix/HBO/Amazon recommendations (House of Cards/Westworld/Man in the High Castle) and eating all the home cooked food you’ve been missing. This post is about doing all the little things you’ve been putting off for the last four weeks and cherishing those relationships that have supported you throughout your semester.

So I wish you a very happy holiday season to celebrate your outstanding accomplishment of completing the hardest semester of law school. It truly is all DOWNHILL from here.

Treat yo’ self for the next few weeks. You deserve it. See you next semester!