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#The1Llife: Grades Don’t Make You

GUEST BLOG by Jackson Long,
1L at SMU Dedman School of Law

By now you’ve likely received your grades from first semester. Let me be the millionth person to tell you – yes, they do matter.

But they don’t MAKE you.

Your GPA is but one number on one semester’s transcripts. It is definitely limited in its effect. First, you have an equal opportunity this spring to raise or lower that number. There will be students who get their act together and others who get cocky and fall to back of the pack.

Be consistent on what worked for you and improve on what didn’t.
Further, it is still just a number. It cannot define who you are as a person or how successful you’ll be as an attorney. It may open the more doors right out of school, but once you find yourself inside any door, you will unequivocally be judged upon your own merits, not your law school transcript.

For those of you who did well, congrats! You are off to a great start, but remember, you are only half way to completing your 1L grades. Stay disciplined and work even harder before.

As a former football player fortunate to be on a good team, we’d often find ourselves ahead by 30 or 40 points. Each time, our coaches would stress to us “0-0, that’s the score.” Moral of the story, play the game all the time like it’s a tie ball game. Attack this next semester like you are tied with the rest of your class at 0-0.

Game On.


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